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bizzbean is the brainchild of myself, Quentin McCullough and my business partner, Manie Du Preez.

I had developed methodologies, insights and proprietary business tools from my many years of practical work experience, within a broad spectrum of businesses.

Manie realised that by transferring this IP onto a cloud-based platform, we would be able to institutionalise this IP and sell it more affordably to a wider range of clients, both nationally and internationally.

bizzbean was born.


We develop forecasting, budgeting and evaluation software so that entrepreneurs can assess business scenarios and make informed financial decisions.

The software is distributed as cloud-based apps and is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.


Too many startup entrepreneurs and small business owners are unable to afford the services of specialist business and training consultants. As a result, many potential entrepreneurs are either lost to business or fail soon after starting a business.


We will create solutions which, in some small way, contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and assist new and existing entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of creating an asset of value.

guiding principles

Our vision will be achieved by the following principles:

We will focus on developing solutions for startup entrepreneurs and small business owners

great stuff
We will develop apps that will be relevant, very affordable and easy to use

We will partner with people and organisations who share our vision for the development of entrepreneurship

We will strive to improve our apps through innovation brought on by demands from our customers, our developers and the market

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