bizzbox is a database of business types categorized by industry. It is designed to assist an entrepreneur to choose the correct bizzmodel for their business venture. It provides the entrepreneur with a list of businesses categorised in business types. Furthermore, each bizzmodel app is described, allowing the entrepreneur to select the appropriate app to model their business venture, should that venture not be included in the database.

This database will be introduced as and when each model type of the bizzmodel app is released.

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a business simulator, which shows how changes to key business elements, such as contribution, expenses, asset levels and funding strategies, will have on the financial results of a business

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assistance on each bizzdynamics’ step is available in from video below

other apps – available soon

allows entrepreneurs to evaluate the financial viability of their business idea before going to the expense of developing a business plan – there are some fifty different model types covering over four hundred business types.

is a structured process for an entrepreneur to develop a business plan for a start-up venture – it seamlessly integrates into bizzmodel allowing the entrepreneur to easily develop a business plan, without the need for professional assistance.

is a cut down version of bizzmodel and bizzplan – it is designed as an interactive tool to teach scholars the about the basic financial aspects of running a business and developing a business plan.

allows a business owner to create ‘what if’ scenarios based on actual results by changing key variables, such as contribution, expenses, asset levels and funding strategy to achieve a targeted return on Net Assets.

is a hi-level forecasting tool used for business valuations and the introduction of new products into a business.

comes in two versions: a budget system for a single cost centre business and a more sophisticated version which allows for multi-departmental and multi-branch cloud-based consolidations.