At bizzbean, we are committed to developing applications, which will be relevant, very affordable and easy to use. We recognise, however, that there is a great number of young people around the world and especially in our home country, South Africa, who are unable to afford our products, and more importantly, who do not have access to the infrastructure required to use our apps.

Our vision is to develop bizzclass into a concept which will go some way to addressing this problem. Its core function will be to provide a facility for those less fortunate young people to learn about business by using bizzbean products. It will not be a business incubator. It will be a facility where budding entrepreneurs are introduced to business concepts outlined in my book getting to value.

We have started a small pilot project and in time, we hope to work in partnership with people and organisations who share our vision for the development of entrepreneurship. In the meantime, we present the start of our virtual version of bizzclass. We have provided some useful downloadable applications, which are supported by video tutorials. We will add more applications as and when we get feedback from you, our valued community. In addition, we will publish blogs on a regular basis and we invite you to submit your thoughts on any subject related to ‘startup’ that you are interested in learning about. If you believe you have something to contribute to our bizzbean community, I invite you to submit your blog for publication. Please refer to the contact us page for our address details. We hope to build up this community into something special where we get to help one another and learn from our experiences.

I thank you for your participation.

Quentin G McCullough