learn from someone

While we are committed to developing applications, which will be relevant, very affordable and easy to use, we are also committed to providing young entrepreneurs with as much business knowledge as possible and we intend to do this in the form of blogs on a variety of subjects.

These blogs may not necessarily contain magic formulae on how to make lots of money quickly, but we hope they will be a collection of valuable things we can learn from people who have insights gained from personal experience, books and journals penned by academics, business leaders, economists and maybe politicians. We think you should make it your duty to learn from successful business leaders.
We also invite you to submit your blog for publication. Please refer to the contact page for our address details. We hope to build up this blog page into something special where we get to learn from successful business leaders.

leader as a touch-point

I refer to the owner as the 'leader'. The key objective of business leaders is to create an asset of value, which will sustain them while they are working in their businesses and beyond. Leaders, therefore, have the most profound effect on a business and, of course,...

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systems as a touch-point

In my experience, systems are the last thing that are considered when starting a project or a new business. In fact, very often, entrepreneurs pack up all their documents such as invoices, expense vouchers and bank statements into a shoebox and send the box to their...

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infrastructure as a touch-point

Infrastructure includes the assets within your business from which you derive income, such as buildings, vehicles, plant and equipment, furniture and fittings, computer equipment and so on. These assets may be owned or leased. It is difficult to understand how many...

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employees as a touch-point

You do not have a business unless you have products and customers. The value of your business will, however, be very reliant on the type of people employed. I always remind employees that it is the customer that pays their salary and I hasten to tell them that it is...

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suppliers as a touch-point

Depending on the type of business, your suppliers may also form an integral part of your supply chain. The profitability of your business can be affected positively or negatively by their performance. While it may be in the best interest of your business to have a...

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customers as a touch-point

As with a product, you also do not have a business unless you have a customer. In the same way you protect your products, your customers are also an asset and, therefore, you also need to know a lot about them. For the same reason, you may be concerned that your...

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are you an entrepreneur?

Are entrepreneurs born or are they nurtured? I do not know the answer to that, but I do know one thing that most entrepreneurs have in common – they do not have ears! Of course, I am joking, but I do know that when entrepreneurs have an idea, they are unstoppable....

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