Written by Quentin McCullough

This book is an ideal read for entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting their own business and for those who want to turn their existing business into more than ‘just a business’. It uses an adaption of the well-known ‘J’-curve and presents a step-by-step process of what entrepreneurs may encounter in their journey to creating an asset of value.

Throughout the book Quentin narrates stories on his personal experiences on what he learned during his thirty-year career as a professional manager – he refers to these lessons as ‘the science of business’.

Many lessons are practically illustrated in various interactive Microsoft Excel files, which are available for download from the bizzclass page in this website.

video and availability

For South African readers, the book is available in paperback format from this website. The reader will be notified of a tracking number from our logistics service provider after the purchase is confirmed. The delivery will be executed within three working days.

The book is also available from Amazon in both in both electronic and print formats.